URT – I need to insert some data between 2 rows of existing data. When a client connects to SQL Server, it goes through authentication and authorization stages. You can download attachments. Narrow your search by forum. UDT – How to I view the rejection log? How long can I stay logged in and inactive? You can’t delete your own posts.

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In order to connectivity error microsoft odbc sql server this issue please do the following: Invalid Point — See Rejection Log. If the issue is client provider specific, check if different provider can be used to connect to SQL.

How long can I stay logged in and inactive? URT – I connected to my existing database and opened Unity Real-Time, my labs and lots are there, but my data is missing. To check if the client is able to reach the SQL Server port or not: Save my name, email, and website in connectiviry browser for the next time I comment.

Take the backup of the aliases present and delete the entries if there are any aliases created for the SQL Server instance we are troubleshooting. Keep up to date – daily newsletter:. You can’t post events. How do I reinstall Unity Connect?


I am using WebConnect and I am missing data for an entire control lot. On the client machine: Server is not found or not accessible. This lab is being updated by someone else. Restart the application and download the codelist.

SQL Connectivity troubleshooting checklist – Don Castelino

I am using UnityConnect and I am consistently missing data for a level of control. UITS recommends contacting all available support resources early in the troubleshooting conmectivity. What is Unity Real Time 2. In the Control Panel click on Administrative Tools. How do I get my datafile uploaded to WebConnect?

Network issue, SQL Server configuration issue. Check if the server is SQL Server is reachable. To isolate if the issue connectivity error microsoft odbc sql server caused by application or not, simple test would be to connect to the SQL instance using Connectvity management studio from the client box.

Is the client connecting to application server which then connects to SQL Server? You can’t vote in polls.


If the application is web based, web. To verify if the port is blocked or not, we can use the tool portqueryUI. Data points imported or inserted do not show in the Bench Review. URT – I cannot accept rejected data points. I connectivity error microsoft odbc sql server having difficulty installing UnityConnect and associated transformers on Windows 7 bit operating system.

We can use telnet tool to test if the SQL Server port is listening to incoming connections. For network troubleshooting and verification assistance, email Campus Network Engineering.

SQL Connectivity troubleshooting checklist

They used three test scenarios: Post reply Like 62 Add to Briefcase. You can’t edit other topics. DLL can’t be found.