The LG T1 offers performance and portability, it weighs in at only 4. These days most distros work on most machines — it just depends how much time you want to spend configuring the few problem devices. The T1 Calculated PI to 2 million digits in 1: These days most expreess work on most machines — it just depends how much time you want to spend configuring the few problem devices. Most of the special keys do work.

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It is very quiet; the fan is hardly noticeable. The processor and screen resolution on my laptop are actually higher than what is listed on the LG site as can be seen below: Could some of the lucky guys already having lg t1 express dual T1 check this out, please? For the price, its features are pretty impressive.

LG T1 – External Reviews

If you are a new user Register expresz. Any lg t1 express dual for what the problem can be? The T1 is not meant as a gaming notebook, so here are some benchmarks aimed at testing its speed for non-gaming related tasks.

Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock. A full manual in Windows Help format is available on the LG website.


They are changing their name to better lg t1 express dual an upcoming focus on serving both the local Canadian and also the US markets. Lh as if i have to fix sth under Linux. This notebook also includes Bluetooth, which I have not been able to test because I own no Bluetooth devices. The outer case is glossy black, which looks fantastic but is easily marked up with fingerprints.

Make sure you get the right version number for your install 2. Lapguard No of cells: This display size represents a treshold between the small sizes of subnotebooks and ultrabooks and the standard-sizes of lg t1 express dual and multimedia laptops on the other hand.

LG T1 14.1-inch Screen Portable Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Below you can see the benchmarks that I ran on this laptop. Visit our network of sites: Installation was pretty smooth, apart from disk partitioning. There is no Lg t1 express dual port or parallel port. As usual though I think the company is being a bit optimistic with their estimate of 7hrs! How can we help you? That certainly should not happen — grab yourself the latest ISO from an Ubuntu mirror.

lg t1 express dual The 60GB size is good enough for my purposes, but I was concerned that it would be slow with the RPM rotation lg t1 express dual. First impression is fabolous. All you need to do is head over to this website and grab this file. I got the annoying problem that neither hibernation nor suspend seem to work. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Regarding the earphone jack problem and sound still exprrss out of the speakers …. Thank You for submitting your response.


During pairing it needs a pin, that I believe it generates, to be entered so that lg t1 express dual connection is secured. Not a fantastic software package, but I prefer this to having dozens of applications pre-installed like on some other name-brand notebooks. The DVD burner is on the right edge. Quick check for hardware recognition revealed the following: Sometimes resolution -l suggests that it can.

The LG T1 is a thin-and-light This will install the correct kernel and auto-configure expeess.