So… I spent some time really making sure the alignment aid was square to the target. Just darn nice clubs. But I did my homework, gave it a shot, and it was definitely worth it. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Straight down the middle! Foz 7 years ago.

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Noise like hitting a ball with an empty coke can. After several more rounds, it began to do the same thing.

Discount Name Brand Golf Equipment

So long Kne Edge…hello Powerbilt! I will be buying either a fairway wood or hybrid next week from the powerbuilt range. My solid hits went a good distance, but nothing longer than I would have expected with the Powerbilt airforce one.

Add Comment Cancel reply. I wanted this club because I wanted a more modern driver design and I think the head is a definite no airfforce head, that is why I think I will switch shafts. The thinner clubface provides me with a better trampoline to propel the powerbilt airforce one and the nitrogen filled chamber provides equal support thus giving me a larger sweet spot to hit the ball with. The testing powerbilt airforce one what the club will actually do.

Going to play tomorrow. Ball went straight — sweet spot is about the size of a pin head.


Hope to get longer off the tee or maintain without swinging out of my shoes and coming home sore from swinging so hard off the tee. It powerbilt airforce one sure be a fun, and I believe potentially very profitable way for both the principals to take on the big OEMs and big forums simultaneously without powerbilt airforce one having to compromise their individual agendas or other relationships. Either way, it was not for me.

I was impossible not talk walk away from the review process without being impressed. If you are intending to skewer the science and powsrbilt hyperbole used in advertising, I will gladly chime in. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I hit the Driver, Hybrid and Irons…and was impressed enough to order them.

Curious as to whether anybody has tried out the Air Force Powerbilt airforce one Air Foil Player Series Irons or whether mygolfspy be providing a review of these any time powerbilt airforce one.

After begging him to sell it to me he finally gave in. The reason for using Nitrogen is that it does not react to Temperature changes therefore will act as a constant force equally supporting the clubface from within. It is interesting to see all the variation of the spelling of PowerBilt is just 10 posts.

Powerbilt Air Force One Drivers

This has allowed me to use a shorter iron to the green and gain more accuracy. Michael 8 years ago. Rod Albers 7 years ago.


Ian 8 years powerbilt airforce one.

Guaranteed Ariforce Price We match all authorized retailers. Powerbilt airforce one have no items in your shopping cart. At one time Powerbilt airforce one was a 10 H-cap for a couple years. Is there a lot of bunk marketing in golf, and for that matter, well, everything? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Powerbilt Air Force One DFX Black Driver | Golf Discount

So I played PowerBilts for 20 years. The club launched a little lower than what I was powerbilt airforce one, airforve performance was still there. Justin 8 years ago.

The AFO’s deep face extreme DFX clubface gives you the largest sweet spot in golf and PowerBilt’s newly patented compressed Nitrogen N7 charging that provides tremendous support to the club powerbilt airforce one gives you a driver with maximum C.

Kevin Burns 7 years ago.